The Importance of Being Realistic When Trying to Put on Bulk

The Importance of Being Realistic When Trying to Put on Bulk

To understand the term ‘realistic’ in relation to bodybuilding, you must go through these nutritional examples. In nutrition, being realistic is fundamental; if you do not know what can and cannot be done, then you are not going to construct a diet plan that gets you where you want to go. Not only will your goals be unachievable, you will also become susceptible to misinformation and hype from purveyors of dreams because they let you believe it can be done with their products.

Example of people being unrealistic

For instance, take a bodybuilder who is lean, weighs around 140 lbs, with a little hint of abs visible on him. He knows that more muscle will make a dramatic difference to how he looks, and that every pound counts because he is naturally lean. He decides to add 10 lbs of muscle as his first goal. Having been lean all his life, the prospect of being fat disgusts him, and so he decides he is going to add 10 lbs of lean muscle and no fat. This is specific and measurable, and in his mind he can achieve it. Is it achievable? Well, the purveyors of lean bulking would have him believe so, and he knows he can stay lean because he always has been – to him the evidence says, yes, it is achievable. If you ask whether this person is being realistic, the answer is actually a ‘no’.

Why it is a ‘no’?

At 140 lbs and single digit percentage body fat, he needs to take in all the nutrients required to build those muscles, because he has none stored as body fat. Nutrients, like amino acids, have an overhead of calories, which means you need to eat food to get them. Secondly, building muscles takes energy; energy not only for training but to fuel repair and growth. In addition to this, an anabolic environment requires these things to be in plentiful supply. Muscle building is expensive in terms of energy and raw materials; to grow you have to put in enough fuel and raw materials to provide the basics for muscle formation and growth.

Supplements are useful

You can supplement your diet, which not only helps in weight gain, but also burns fat. However, you must know where you can buy it in Australia, USA, or the location where you are based at. Be realistic and bulk up properly.

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