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India has the highest number of individuals with down syndrome than any other country in the world. Every year about 23,000 – 29,000 children are born with down syndrome. Surely many of you may have heard of down syndrome, but not many people really understand what it is, and why it happens. Since it’s so prevalent in our country, it’s important we understand it with a bit of biological detail, the challenges of it (physical, mental, financial), and how by encouraging a crowdfunding India we can overcome some of these problems.

What is down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that results from an unusual defect in chromosomes. A human being is usually born with 23 pairs of chromosomes, i.e. 46 in number, but in case of down syndrome, there is an additional copy of a chromosome, meaning the sufferer was born with 47 chromosomes. Children and adults suffering from it usually undergo developmental issues that affect physical, cognitive, and intellectual abilities. Among other health problems, sufferers are also at risk of heart diseases, weak hearing and vision, immune system related conditions, and dementia.

Challenges of living with down syndrome

Besides the health related risks, sufferers and families face multiple other problems associated with this genetic condition.

  • Due to their cognitive and learning difficulties suffering children have special educational needs. Parents are unable to give their child a standard education, and often times schools that specialize in teaching students with impaired cognitive abilities are few and expensive.

  • Individuals with physical development need physical therapy and professional rehabilitation to help lead as normal a life as possible. Due to reduced muscle tone, people with down syndrome may even require supportive equipment or physical aid, which can be very costly.

  • Adults with down syndrome are able to do jobs when trained well, just like anyone else. The problem lies in the fact that few are willing to employ people with down syndrome, because they believe their condition makes them unsuitable for work.

The role of a crowdfunding India for challenges associated with down syndrome

The problems discussed above are undeniable, but they are also possible to overcome. The Down Syndrome Federation of India is one such organization that is dedicated to providing assistance to families with down syndrome, in issues associated with health, education, and awareness. Over the years the life expectancy of a sufferer has gone up significantly, meaning that there are immense improvements in medical and technological facilities to help such individuals. The larger problem lies in ensuring that every family, irrespective of their financial background, is able to access this treatment.

This where crowdfunding can help. Funds can be raised for counselling, vocational and educational needs, special schools, physical therapy, and health related assistance. At Impact Guru, our aim is to facilitate a crowdfunding India that is more conducive to individuals and families with down syndrome. If you have an initiative that may be beneficial to families with down syndrome, don’t hesitate to use our platform for financial support, and bring your ideas for impact to life.

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