Application of Video Conference in Urban Fire Emergency System

Application of Video Conference in Urban Fire Emergency System

In recent years, with the continuous development of China’s economy, high-rise buildings, population is relatively concentrated, the requirements of the fire is also getting higher and higher. With the application of 3G technology, the fire department emergency system is extended to each fire truck. In order to better carry out fire management and on-site police intelligence processing, with the means of technology to achieve mobile video conferencing systems and emergency rescue is particularly important.

Fire brigade due to the large institutions,

The need for the establishment of the system platform to achieve a variety of business integrated application functions, in order to achieve efficient, timely, accurate and flexible remote communication applications. In this way, the remote communication equipment needs to be improved.

ezTalks video conferencing system through the public security network on the province’s corps, detachment, large squadron three-tier conference system coverage, to achieve the provincial level, the detachment level, large squadron between the immediate exchange of meetings, and access to the corresponding The conference system external equipment, the realization of the conference room terminal and desktop terminal, as well as the final deployment of fire engines. So as to achieve point-to-point meetings, multi-point large-scale meetings and multi-concurrent conference applications.

In order to achieve the above purpose, in the fire command vehicle to install fire command 3G video transmission system, the affected scene to the fire command center, so that the center to grasp the scene of fire events, real-time organization of fire fighting force, Responsiveness to minimize losses. But also the disaster relief situation to store the situation, to facilitate the analysis of the causes of disaster and disaster relief lessons learned.

Command vehicle into the affected scene, through the car camera on the affected site for remote video capture, on-site commanders can conduct a preliminary assessment of the scene police intelligence, for some unpredictable dangerous police (such as flammable and explosive materials, toxic chemicals Items, etc.) can be sent to the command center in real time back to the command center, by the command center deployment experts to conduct timely assessment, to develop appropriate relief measures, real-time guidance to reduce unnecessary casualties and property damage.

In the disaster relief task, the fire department through the car video conference system on the disaster situation on-site video, analysis of disaster relief steps for future relief operations to provide valuable experience.

Car video conferencing system With the maturity of 3G technology, will be a step by step popularization and functional improvement, increase the city’s fire management capabilities, as an indispensable assistant to the fire system.

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